Friday, September 2, 2011

“Man on Page 602” Proves to be Most Popular Blog Entry

"Big Dude" and his "water stain":
Click to enlarge (pun intentional)
January, 2009 Post Drawn over 10,000 hits

The entire page 602
The male model on page 602 of the infamous 1975 Sears Catalog has proven to be the most durable and most google-searched blog entry in the history of Newsfromdoswell, generating as of Sept 2, 2011 its 10,000th hit since its original posting January 29, 2009.

“I am proud to be a part of Sears history, at least the part that supposedly showed the tip end of a man modeling boxers and a t-shirt in the 1975 Spring-Summer catalog,” said Doswell blogger Dale Brumfield, who showed his stat counter for proof that over 10,000 people have googled, Binged and meta-searched the elusive model’s picture.

The "man on page 602" gained minor notoriety when it was revealed that a portion of his man-part was exposed out of the leg of his boxer shorts in that catalog, now a collector's item. Sears maintained at the time that it was not the man's penis, but a water stain on the negative that produced the shadowy protruberance just under the left leg of the boxer short.

Brumfield plans to periodically trot out the entry and pictures in a bald-faced effort to up his page views. Meanwhile please enjoy the cartoons featuring our own "big dude" Here.