Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cormac McCarthy Film Festival to be held in Doswell

Cormac McCarthy
"We are absolutely thrilled to have the author Cormac McCarthy come to Doswell to host our first annual Cormac McCarthy film Festival!" blathered Teman Road resident and festival organizer Babs Wingate about the movie extravaganze, to be held Dec. 21 in the single-purpose room of the Doswell Ruritan building on Route 1.

Wingate said they began trying to locate the reclusive author almost two years ago. "He was a little skittish at first," she reports, "but eventually he agreed to come, with certain conditions -- including a preferred list of films that he wanted screened." Wingate admits she nor anyone else in Doswell have ever heard of the films McCathy listed, therefore the entire community eagerly awaits the cinematic treasures the Pulitzer Prize-winning author will bring!

Wingate admitted also to never having read any of McCarthy's novels. "I picked up one of his books called 'Outer Dark', but haven't cracked it open yet," she says, claiming she is looking forward to reading it next weekend.

After much back-and-forth discussion the list of films was finalized. Here is the schedule, with comments by Wingate:

Dec. 21:

9-11 am: "The Hills have Eyes" (2006) ("Apparently this is a film about simple country folk -- much like us here in Doswell!")
11 - 1 PM: "Two Thousand Maniacs" (1964) ("Another film about how those of us in rural areas treat our friends from the north -- come on down, ya'll!")
1 - 3 PM: "I Spit on your Grave" (1978) ("Sounded on the phone like a feminist classic, although I don't care for the title.")
3 - 5 PM: "Meat Grinder" (2009) ("I think this is about Thai Food! Mm -mm!")

5 - 6PM: Dinner (catered by Mr. Drippy Catering, served by the Doswell Ruriteens)

6 - 8 PM: "Men Behind the Sun" (1988) ("Another Asian film about war time - I hope it's as good as 'Saving Private Ryan', but without all that bloody stuff")
8 - 10 PM: "Reservoir Dogs" (1992) ("I am involved with a Pekingese rescue club, so I am always interested in a film about pet adoption")

Cormac McCarthy himself is scheduled to appear for a brief Q&A after the showing of Reservoir Dogs. Then  he will open fire with a shotgun, ending the evening in a violent bloodbath.

Contact the Doswell Ruritan Center for ticket information. Advance tickets are $10.